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Join TeamSETI - As a non-profit organization, our search for life in the universe is not possible without public support, without you. Becoming a member of our Team means you are joining a growing global community who is proactively making the search for answers possible. This is humanity’s search and we cannot do it alone. Join TeamSETI today and ensure a future of remarkable discovery for us all.

Become a SETIstar - A $200,000 challenge to bring the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) back online and allow the SETI Institute to resume scanning the skies for signs of intelligent life. The ATA is a powerful field of linked radio telescopes that enable countless avenues of astronomical study, chief among them the search for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations and insight into the nature of our cosmic origins. In the wake of a recent funding shortfall, however, this invaluable tool lies dormant and our vision of the universe around us has gone dark. With your help, we can change that.

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setiQuest - setiQuest is an effort to tap into the global brain trust, harness the power of citizen scientists, and educate the next generation of Earthlings to improve current searches for extraterrestrial intelligence and better understand our place in the cosmos. We are creating a community - or if you prefer, a tribe - to actively involve the world in the ultimate search for cosmic company. It is the concretization of Jill Tarter's 2009 TED wish to change the world.

EarthSpeaks - Welcome to Earth Speaks, a research project that explores a critical question in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI): “If we discover intelligent life beyond Earth, should we reply, and if so, what should we say?” People from around the world are invited to submit pictures, sounds, and text messages that they would want to send to other worlds. The project aims to foster a dialogue about what we should say to extraterrestrial intelligence, as well as whether or not we should be sending intentional messages.