Activity Report of the SETI Institute July 2016

csc report

It’s near the end of summertime, and the livin’ is easy.  However, SETI Institute scientists are still keeping busy.  They continue to unravel more puzzles about our local celestial neighbors, as well as other worlds many light-years away.  Every day, researchers at the SETI Institute are expanding both our knowledge and understanding in the quest to find life beyond Earth

This work includes publications in peer-reviewed journals, research presentations and speaking engagements, technical reports, intellectual property filings, and more.  

As part of our outreach commitment to share the Institute’s science and research, we present our monthly “Activity Report of the Carl Sagan Center” which catalogs the work of our scientists.

In the July 2016 report, among numerous publications you will see “Meterorites found on Mitfits Flat Dry Lake, Nevada", published in MAPS 51; “A surprise southern hemisphere meteor shower on New Year's eve 2015: the Volantids (IAU#758, VOL)", explained in the journal  JIMO 44; and “Growth of elaborate microbial pinnacles in Lake Vanda, Antarctica", revealed in Geobiology.

Also in this report, you will see ongoing participation by SETI Institute scientists at conferences and events, including speaking opportunities such as presentations at the NASA Ames SSERVI Explorer Science Forum, at the Mount Tamalpais Astronomy Nights in Marin, and at the Starquest Conference in West Virginia. 

Our quest belongs to all of humankind, and we're making it easier for you to share in the excitement of discovery and exploration that is daily life at the SETI Institute!

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