Activity Report of the SETI Institute March 2016

csc report

Every day, researchers at the SETI Institute are expanding mankind’s knowledge and understanding in the search for life beyond Earth.  Their work includes publication in peer-reviewed journals, research presentations and speaking engagements, technical reports, intellectual property filings, and more.  As part of our outreach commitment to share the Institute’s science and research, we are posting our monthly “Activity Report of the Carl Sagan Center” which catalogs the work of our scientists.

In the March 2016 report, among numerous publications you will see, “Octahedral Chemistry of 2:1 Clay Minerals and Hydroxyl Band Position in the Near-Infrared,” published in American Mineralogist, “Orbital Observations of Dust Lofted by Daytime Corrective Turbulence,” published in Space Science Reviews, and “Extreme AO Observations of Two Triple Asteroid Systems with SPHERE,” published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Also in this report, you will see ongoing participation by SETI Institute scientists at conferences, more technical reports from the Kepler Exoplanet team, and professional and public talks at various locations including the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and in Montana, Indonesia, Northern Arizona University, and several Bay Area schools and libraries. 

Our quest belongs to all of humankind, and today we're making it easier for you to share in the excitement of discovery and exploration that is daily life at the SETI Institute!

Download the entire March 2016 Report in PDF form