NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Symposium

Library of Congress Reading RoomSpeakers scheduled to appear include SETI Institute scientists Seth Shostak, Margaret Race and Doug Vakoch.

The two day event is the second annual astrobiology symposium hosted by The John W. Kluge Center in conjunction with the Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Chair. The symposium is hosted by current Astrobiology Chair Steven Dick.

Titled “Preparing for Discovery: A Rational Approach to the Impact of Finding Microbial, Complex or Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” the symposium will bring together scientists, historians, philosophers, and theologians from around the world to explore how humanity might prepare to face new knowledge about the universe that may challenge our conceptions of life and our place in the cosmos. 

A full list of speakers and panel times is available at: