SETI Institute Offers Technical Consulting Services

Mountain View, CA.  The SETI Institute, a non-profit space science and astrobiology research organization, is making its science staff available for selected commercial and academic consulting assignments.

“Our scientists and engineers are recognized leaders in characterizing research problems, and developing the means to solve them,” says Bill Diamond, President and CEO of the SETI Institute.  “Their wide-ranging expertise can be highly valuable for commercial and academic projects outside the Institute, and we’re keen to establish such relationships.”

technical consulting

The SETI Institute’s science team has expertise in a wide range of research fields and technologies, including:

-  Big Data     -  Fluorometry
-  Engineering for hazardous environments    -  Signal processing
-  Instrumentation    -  Image acquisition and analysis
-  Remote sensing  -  Microscopy/Imaging
-  Materials science       -  RF technology
-  Cryogenics        - Chemical modeling and analysis
-  Bio-engineering      -  Microbiology
-  Robotics and drones -  Optics
-  Spectroscopy        -  X-ray diffraction
-  Lasers and photonics  -  Mass spectrometry

Institute staff has experience in design, development, research and data analysis in these areas and more, and their expertise can be of value to projects that share common science or engineering challenges. Technology-related endeavors of the Institute include:

- Big data analysis tools for NASA’s Kepler space telescope

- Machine learning algorithm development for the Institute’s Allen Telescope Array

- Development of the XRD system on the Mars Curiosity rover

- Navigation and data analytics support for NASA’s New Horizons space probe

- Biological exploration and interpretation of extreme environments, including frozen Antarctic lakes, Volcanic lakes Lake in the Chilean Andes and Devon Crater above the Arctic Circle

- RF signal processing systems for deep space communications and SETI research

- Experiments and instrumentation for bio-signature detection and astrobiology

- Advanced earthquake warning technology based on electromagnetic characterization of geological stress points

“The breadth and depth of the Institute’s research, combined with its location in the heart of Silicon Valley, make it ideally suited to collaborations with technology companies, entrepreneurs, and Venture Capitalists.” Said Dan Lankford – project leader and Trustee of the Institute.

The expertise of SETI Institute scientists can help tech companies deal with difficult challenges, including complex problem solving, due diligence, technology scoping and assessment, as well as strategy and roadmap development.

For more information:

Dan Lankford
Tel: 650 384-0511

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About SETI Institute

Founded in 1984, the SETI Institute is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary research and education organization whose mission is to explore, understand, and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe. Our research encompasses the physical and biological sciences and leverages expertise in data analytics, machine learning and advanced signal detection technologies.  The Institute is a distinguished research partner for industry, academia and government agencies, including NASA and NSF.