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Activity Report of the SETI Institute - October 2016
As the winter rains move in to Bay Area and the days get shorter, SETI Institute scientists are still keeping busy. They continue to unravel more puzzles about our local celestial neighbors, as well as other worlds many light-years away.

No Wrong Side of Earth for Meteor Camera Network
It has just become harder for surprise meteor showers to escape our attention. On October 1, the third station of a new 48-camera, video-surveillance network in the United Arab Emirates has come online to help map meteor showers. The network complements the existing 80-camera Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance (CAMS) network twelve time zones later in California.
milky way galaxy
Call for White Papers
Soliciting Community Input for the Advancement of the Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe, and the Creation of a Multidisciplinary Virtual Institute for SETI Research.
Drake Frank
Drake Equation: 55 Years Old
Frank Drake had a problem. It was the fall of 1961, a year after his pioneering SETI experiment: Project Ozma. Using an 85-foot antenna in Green Bank, West Virginia, Drake had unfurled the intriguing possibility that we might find proof of intelligent beings by simply eavesdropping on their broadcasts.

Join us at NUMU and see the work of our Artists in Residence
Please join us at NUMU on November 5th at 3 pm for a panel with the artists and scientists including Charles Lindsay, Jill Tarter, Martin Wilner, Oana Marco, Danny Bazo, Karl Yerkes, Marco Peljhan, Friedemann Freund, Rachel Sussman, Jon Jenkins, Mark Showalter and George Bolster.
September Report
Activity Report of the SETI Institute September 2016
Fall has moved into the Silicon Valley as we wait patiently for the rain to begin. The harvest moon as passed and pumpkins are in the fields ready to become pies or Jack O’ Lanterns.
Moon October 31, 2016
Did Early Earth Spin On Its Side?
New theoretical modeling of the ancient history of the Earth and the Moon suggests that the giant collision that spawned our natural satellite may have left Earth spinning very fast, and with its spin axis highly tilted.
Chile Expedition 2016 Album 3
Chile Expedition Album #3
El Taito geyser
Bill Diamond visits El Tatio in Chile
Bill Diamond visits a geothermal a hot spring and geyser in the Atacama desert near San Pedro, Chile.
NAI Expedition Album #2
Chile Expedition 2016 - Dr. Cabrol visits Expedition Site 2 in the Andes
Dr. Cabrol's visiting Expedition Site 2 Journal in the Andes. See what she found and saw there.