Planetary Science and Exploration Investigations in Terrestrial Analog Environments

Grant #: NNX08AO59A
Senior Scientist: Pascal Lee

Senior Scientist: Pascal Lee

A multidisciplinary research program supporting NASA Science and Exploration objectives that includes both concept studies and field investigations in terrestrial analog environments, in particular at the “Haughton-Mars Project” (HMP) site on Devon Island, High Arctic.

The Science Program addresses central questions in planetary science and astrobiology through the investigation of physical, chemical, geologic, hydrologic, and microbiologic features, settings, and processes in extreme environments on Earth that may serve as analogs for extraterrestrial planetary environments, past or present. The Exploration Program supports field demonstration, testing, training, and public outreach activities to develop new technologies, strategies, and the human experience needed to help plan future robotic and human planetary exploration.

This effort helps advance our understanding of planetary evolution and the possibilities of life in the universe, and also has direct applicability in helping prepare for the future exploration of the Moon, Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), Phobos, Deimos, and Mars.